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    These guys have earned thier spot on my favorites list.

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    I’ve been really digging Drake’s new jams and I’ve got his latest, "Hold On, We’re Going Home," on repeat. Not because it’s a new Drake song but because it’s got a different feel to it than usual. You won’t find no fast-paced rapping about how life was so rough for him (because we all know it wasn’t). Nuh-uh. All you have is a slow, airy romantic ballad, sung instead of rapped. I think he’s on to something (Psst, Drake. Release more slow jams). 

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    So excited to see them in April! 

    So excited to see them in April! 

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    Mounet - Breaking Up 

    Thankfully, I’ve had time to catch up on my music blogs during the break. Whilst browsing and listening  I came across the US-based producer Mounet’s “Breaking Up.” The track has a nice groove that can give anyone a pick me up. The subtle vocal sample mixes well with the melody that gives it it’s overall chilled funk personality  Purely brilliant in my opinion. Take a listen and enjoy. 

    — 1 year ago
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